Krum Cold Brew

Welcome to Krum Corner

Welcome to Krum Corner

Hello and Welcome to Our Blog, Krum Corner!

We will be talking about tips, recipes, and all things cold brew! We hope you enjoy and remember; cold brew is not iced coffee! 

So, Who Are We Exactly?

We are a group of coffee-obsessed college roommates and friends that realized going to our favorite spot for cold brew, was getting way TOO EXPENSIVE! Thus, we decided to make our own cold brew company. Krum was born, with the mission to make cold brew affordable, convenient and sustainable. 

Our Awesome Team 

 Brian Landauer, Victoria De Armas, Olive (team dog) , Henry wall

 Daniel Thorne, Chase Martin, and Zach Thorne

Better Cold Brew

Krum is naturally sweet, has low acidity, contains high caffeine levels, and there are no artificial additions! We make sure to bring the best product to our customers through the way we make and package Krum. Our coffee is Strictly High Grown and ethically sourced in the beautiful mountain ranges of Honduras. Our beans are grown at high altitudes, which means lower temperatures, which creates a denser bean ultimately creating a smoother taste to your brew!


"sustainable & affordable cold brew... in the comfort of your own home."