Krum Cold Brew

How to Make Krum Cold Brew

How to Make Krum Cold Brew

How to Brew the Best Brew

While everyone has their own take on preparing their morning coffee, Krum has broken it down into a few easy steps!

Steps to Brew Krum

Follow the steps to make the optimal single-serve cold brew with Krum.

Step 1: Add Water. Pour 12-16 oz of water into a glass of choice.         


Step 2: Add Krum Packet.   Place one cold brew packet in the water. Every packet is pre-measured for just the right amount of brew. 


Step 3: Steep.Cover your brew and let it steep overnight for 6 to 10 hours. The longer the stronger :)


Step 4: Remove Krum Packet.     The longer it sits the stronger it will be!In the morning, remove the packet and enjoy a fresh cup of Krum!


Step 5: Pour your brew over ice. You are all set! Take your Krum cold brew to-go or to your couch and enjoy!     


Step 6: Add what you want. (Optional)          Add any creamer you desire to make it yours; or just drink it black!                      

Make it Your Own

Whether you like your brew light and sweet or black and strong, you can create your cold brew concoctions any way you choose! Just because it is prepared cold doesn’t mean you have to drink it over ice either. Heat your cold brew in the microwave or on the stove for a cozy cup of Krum coffee! Yum!

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