Krum Cold Brew

How Krum Cold Brew Can Better Our Environment

How Krum Cold Brew Can Better Our Environment

How much does it cost for a cup of coffee?! Cutting down on coffee prices is only one reason behind the creation of Krum Coffee. Whether you are making coffee at home or ordering a cup-to-go from your local coffee shop, it seems that plastic waste follows us everywhere. With the pandemic causing a rise in take-out orders and the withdrawal of single-use plastic bans across the U.S. to accommodate public safety guidelines, the last year has only added to the already estimated 16 billion disposable coffee cups used each year. We want to be a part of the solution! 


In general, making cold brew removes any electricity or use of heat in the coffee making process. All you need is cold water, a jar, coffee grounds and a method to strain the grounds when done steeping. Krum’s at-home cold brew kits make it easy with our pre packaged cold brew packets. Our packets are made to filter your coffee grounds in the steeping process and are made of biodegradable materials. 

Plastic Pandemic

We have seen a tremendous increase in to-go food and drink orders throughout this pandemic. Every dish, down to the utensils, are pre-packaged and individually wrapped in plastic. While many chains and independent coffee shops have slowly ditched using styrofoam over the years, not all paper cup alternatives are environmentally friendly as we may think. Many paper cups are lined with polythene, a plastic lining that acts as a barrier to better hold liquid. This material is not recyclable and offsets the efforts shops make to be more environmentally conscious. The same goes for plastic straws as well. Save yourself the gas and the plastic cup, and make your own sustainable cup of Krum at home. 

Bonus: With a Splash of Milk

While making your cold brew at home can significantly reduce your individual impact on the environment, you can shrink your carbon footprint even more when you cut dairy products out and switch to other milk alternatives. Many people prefer their cup of coffee with at least a splash of milk or their favorite flavored creamer. Dairy milk production is responsible for  the most carbon emissions in the milk sector, producing 3.2 kg emissions per liter of milk. 

At Krum, we make sure that in every way we can, we are putting our planet first. Taking the time to research everything from our production process to our packaging, we understand the importance of making changes in order to best take care of our environment and each other. As we continue to grow, we will look for ways to decrease our environmental impact.