Krum Cold Brew

Best Containers to Steep Your Krum Cold Brew

Best Containers to Steep Your Krum Cold Brew

Best Containers

We value creativity and innovation. When it comes to making Krum, we believe in making each cup to your liking. However, we took the time to test our recommended methods to best steep your Krum cold brew so you don’t have to. 

Krum at-home cold brew packets are designed with single-serve in mind. Whether you are preparing a single glass of cold brew or enough to fill a pitcher, Krum makes it easy. There is no right or wrong way in creating your own cold brew concoctions, BUT we want to make sure you have all of the information first!

Container Characteristics

When it comes to preparing Krum cold brew, you want to make sure you can not only fit the single-serve packet in, but also easily remove it when your brew has finished steeping. Using a wide-mouth container makes the prepping process a lot easier.

  • Many of us use a 16 oz glass mason jar when preparing a single-serving of Krum. 
  • From experience, we have found that using plastic or aluminum containers can alter the natural taste and quality of our cold brew coffee blend. We recommend choosing your favorite glassware when starting the steeping process. 

Whether it be a cup, carafe or pitcher, Krum cold brew can be made conveniently with these tips from the Krum Crew. 

And yes! We're working on our own jar as well, so all you have to do is just add water :)

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