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A Guide to America’s Best Coffee Shops

A Guide to America’s Best Coffee Shops

Visiting a coffee shop is a great way to spend your morning. Often, the atmosphere is relaxing, productive, and quiet, making coffee shops an easygoing place to study with friends or grab a snack. Enter any major city and you’ll find coffee shops with gourmet pastries, the highest quality of coffee, and beautiful seating areas. Here are some of America’s best:

Maman NYC

With multiple locations across New York City, Maman is a French bakery, cafe, and event space welcoming sleepy college students, on-the-go moms, brand partners, and travelers alike. Maman’s doorway offers rustic decor, heavenly aromas, and an inviting aesthetic of blue porcelain and greenery while serving a broad selection of traditional cuisine, fresh salads, quiches, lattes, and teas. 

Haven Cafe 

Based in Kentucky, Haven Cafe provides a safe and comfortable space for those seeking a light and healthy bite. Along with their signature smiley face motif, Haven’s brightly colored interior envelopes guests in warmth as baristas serve their favorite natural and unique coffee drinks, such as strawberry basil lattes. 

Menagerie Coffee

Locally owned and operated, Menagerie Coffee is a quaint addition in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City. The cafe offers a cobblestone “hole in the wall” feel while students and business people gather to study and work.