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5 Most Asked Questions About Cold Brew

5 Most Asked Questions About Cold Brew

There are many misconceptions about cold brew, so here are a few commonly asked questions:

1. Is cold brew a healthier option?

YES! Cold brew has many health benefits. It is easier on sensitive teeth & stomachs since it has lower levels of acidity compared to other coffee drinks. It also may lower risk of heart disease and boost your metabolism!

2. How much caffeine does cold brew really have?

Surprisingly, cold brew has higher caffeine levels than iced coffee! So, in a 16 oz. glass, cold brew can contain 200mg of caffeine, whereas a regular iced coffee will have 165mg of caffeine! 

3. What is the coffee to water ratio?

The beauty of our at-home packets is the ability to create your perfect cup of cold brew. While we recommend around 1oz of coffee to about 12oz's of water, we've used our packets in as little as 8oz of water and in as much as 16oz's. The less water the stronger your brew will be. 

Our team personally likes to keep it in the 12-14oz range.

4. How long does cold brew steep?

Depending on how deep of flavor you want your brew to be, it is recommended to keep our brew pouch or coffee in your water from 6 hours to up to 24 hours. Once your wait is over, now it is time to drink it! If using Krum our team prefers to steep for about 10 hours!

A helpful tip to remember is; drink your cold brew within 7-10 days to make sure it is the freshest it can be!

5. Can ‘cold’ brew be warm too?

Of course it can be a ‘warm’ brew! All you will need to do is pop your cold brew in the microwave and heat to your liking! Once it is heated, you can either drink it black or make your preferred warm coffee beverage with milk and sugar!