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Why krum?


Less than $1.80 per serving of cold brew opposed to the overpriced $5 cup you've been buying daily. You're able to make around 2 cups of brew per packet.


We've optimized the at-home cold brew experience for you! Our team has sourced the perfect bean, grind size and packet to create a smooth cup of cold brew with no hassle.


Think about all those plastic cups you've been tossing in the trash? Yea. It's messed up. We're here to reduce the footprint while creating a positive impact.

Our Coffee

Our Strictly High Grown and ethically sourced beans are harvested and grown in the mountain ranges of Honduras. Coffee grown at a high altitude means it was grown at lower temperature producing a slower maturing fruit and a denser bean, this creates a specialty cup with exceptionally smooth taste.

How to Brew

1. Pour Water

Drop the bag in your jar and add 1.5 cups of water to each.

2. Steep

Let the jar steep in the fridge or at room temp for 6-10 hours.

3. Enjoy

Add ice, creamer or nothing! Drink the smooth refreshing cold brew as you please :)

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The Krum Cold Brew Kit makes cold brew easier than ever! Save yourself the hassle. Our cold brew packets are perfectly measured with fine course grounds that are specifically made to achieve the perfect cup of cold brew.


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